In a few weeks, I will mark the third anniversary of opening my private practice. Looking back, it has been extremely rewarding in many ways. What I enjoy most about being an audiologist is the relationships with my patients. I can tell you that I feel blessed to have very loyal patients who have continued to see me at my new practice and in many cases, bring their friends and family members!  I still have patients coming to see me for the first time from my previous ENT practice. It’s never too late to come back! Whether you were here on the first day of my practice or have yet to see me, I’ll keep the light on for you! A few patients have asked if they can see me and continue to see their ENT physician at North Alabama ENT and the answer is “YES”! There is no conflict. I continue to refer patients there for ENT problems.  

I am more excited than ever about being in private practice and feel it allows me to deliver the best possible care to my patients. I have the opportunity and flexibility to make house calls and hospital visits as the needs arise. I am accepting new patients and look forward to continue to help patients from physician referral, patient referral and self-referral.

 Since opening my practice three years ago hearing devices have improved significantly. Oticon just launched the Alta2Pro family of devices which have been very exciting in that they have brought even more benefit to my patients.  Delivering the best possible devices available is of utmost importance to me. I feel professionally obligated to utilize the best devices available to improve the quality of life for those who put their trust in me. Oticon has been an industry leader in technology for several years. I believe this is due to the emphasis they have on research and development. I do occasionally use other manufacturers as the situation dictates. 

Above all, slick marketing campaigns and empty promises don’t mean much if we don’t improve the lives of our patients and their families. We have more tools to do this than ever and I am here and excited to help when you’re ready!